Wall Type


Site:                 TBD
Program:        Fabrication Exhibition
Size:                150 sf
Status:            Proposal
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz

Over centuries, architecture and the wall have been inseparable, with many types, representations, and functional attributes towards various performances. The walls and drawings of them communicate and define the type of purpose within our built environments.

Wall Type is a prototypical architectural installation that enables an agency of shared interests with graphic designers towards a new figural performance of drawing and presence. Wall Type is an interface between line and graphic, as well as the frame and language. Types are essential and understood as drawings in sectional instances that define the wall system of structure, surface, and purpose. Governing intelligence, type drawn with shape and graphic considerations for new plausible figures in our built environments. Today's construction practices use various wall types, yet they fundamentally remain as plan-based static projections. One seldom sees the section and plan integrating figural aspects such as dimensional graphics. Wall types are an instance of expression drawing and are rarely considered a part without the whole. This exhibit informs the dialogue of the plan, section, and wall in an architectural mock-up to experience the part as a physical graphic figure in the room.

This installation uses the mock-up as a conversational piece toward a broader dialogue between architecture and graphic design. As a lingua franca towards informing our culture. By seeing the mock-up of a wall partition, the public can view the wall type as an object and its relationship as part of the whole. As we see the wall through objective figural consequences, this will engage the broad audiences of our buildings and construction methods towards a graphic volume future.  Pairing the construct and drawing of this shared interest informs an agency of lines to frame to volume will inform how we view our world.