Varna Municipal Library

Varna, Bulgaria

Site:                 Varna, Bulgaria
Program:        Munipical Library
Size:                18,500 m2 with 11,000 m2 ︎︎︎grade parking
Status:            Competition Proposal
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz with Paul Kweton, Hidekazu Takahashi, Ashley Craig

Stacked Urbanism. Situated in the crossroads of history and modernity the new Varna Library captures the essence of necessity and possibility. Stacked program of five main volumes begins with a partially sunken auditorium extending into the public plaza. A library cafe extends from the lobby to become a neighborhood amenity. Upon entry one ascends on a continuous run escalator bypassing non-public program and arriving at the core library functions. From this height one can enjoy 360 degree views of Varna from the sky terrace and access reading rooms above. Elevated reading destinations and a dynamic circulation system encourage public interaction with the building at every level. Irregular extrusions break the plane of the facade on different rotational axes promoting the surrounding views of the city. The librarys most upper levels form a rotated volume and axial alignment to the port and waterfront, the citys gateway - paying tribute to Varnas citizens and its visitors.