Peculiar Houses


Site:                 Anywhere
Program:        House
Size:                Varies
Status:            Research / Ongoing
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz

Peculiar Houses find interest in a primitive typology of the dog trot house. Private and public rooms are separated by an external corridor that brings cross winds for climatic conditions under a single roof. As the city can evolve, the search for diversity in plan and roof-to-roof adjacencies speak to alternate comprehension of the legibility and constituent parts. Split from the original dog trot house through the principles of abstraction and reconfigured into new possibilities addressing specificity to place, people, and climatic concerns. The split face and discontinuous roofs reveal these site-specific reconfigured objects and, at times, new relationships from the original public/private plan. This adaptive process for a specific site is a discourse for similar impacts with quasi-de-familiar outcomes that initially may be mistaken. Provides flexibility for density and more plausible locations to take advantage of the wind conditions within master-planned development usually interested in other means.

_ Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, David M. Trubek House, 1971
_ Church of the Pilgrimage, Gottfried Böhm, 1968
_ Splitting, Gordon Matta-Clark, 1974
_ Displaced-Replaced Mass, Michael Heizer, 1969