Matte House


Site:                 Montrose
Program:        Private Residence
Size:                2,800 sf
Status:            Unbuilt
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz

This family residence is located on a corner lot in a Montrose neighborhood and developed to the client's desires for playful, private, and utilizing an urban edge to the city center. In unique proximity to downtown and within walking distance of light rail and bus networks, the site location is accessible to many vibrant activities. The house's interior is quietly informed at the ground level by an 8-foot masonry wall that screens two spacious courtyards accessible to the living room. Matte elevations are intentionally opaque materials with large windows placed to extend views from the house to private and public surroundings. Designed details and construction knowledge define the qualities of spatial interior and exterior spaces as a medium backdrop for living and creating long-lasting memories for the family.

_ Campo Marzio, Piranesi, 1762
_ Casa Malaparte, Adalberto Libera, 1937
_ Self Portait, Joshua Reynolds, 1741