LINEarity Knots

Exhibition Proposal

Site:                 TBD
Program:        Pavilion
Size:                TBD
Status:            Exhibition and Conference Proposal
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz with Corey Phelps

This pavilion is the configuration of four columns mingling between the elevational perceptions of conventional architectural drawing conflicted by a figural narrative revered as a ruin. Many columns through history could have been in ruin and of the subject. Still, it was the compounded corner condition, a corner problem instantiated by a series of elevations as an orthographic projection defined architecture. As a result, it informed spatial constructs as staged performance; theatre orchestrated not in the round but flattened hierarchy to a fixed position. We find interests opposing originality in the overlap in the round as these orthographic elevations resulted in the compounded corner, one of which originated from a relationship of order, repetition, and proportions by a series of line drawings that translated into buildings.

These compounded columns are scalar lines, markings that partake in a dialogue for mass and weight by intersections as binary means between the metaphysics and the real. Architects for centuries have taken this role in society to produce an informed series of lines for a larger construct and projections by staging the performance in culture. These intersections through seams impose a further reading, an intentional separation, and most importantly, forging contrast.

Juxtaposed by a Knot questions the discipline in architecture and enables a new dialogue of the boundaries in architecture as a figure or redefining the object for new objection to the whole order.

_ in Ruin, Collage by Shawn M. Lutz
_ Reference to Primitive Hut.