Framed Conoids


Site:                 former Barbara Jordan USPS Center (now Post HTX)
Program:        Exhibition for AIA Gala / later adopted for Performance Arts
Size:                2,600 sf
Status:            Completed 2017
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz
Installation:    Shawn M. Lutz with Alex Stitt
Images:           Paul Hester

Framed Conoids are composed of discarded bike rims with yarn stretched from fence to fence in the 2,600sf arena of the historic Barbara Jordan United States Postal Service (USPS) distribution center in downtown Houston. As part of repurposing the building as an art and source for events, the objective for transforming this undesirable fenced area and its raw character by infilling the interior with an installation with little to no impact on the existing conditions. Lines articulate a series of four conoid surfaces as rooms to define surface limits and sequentially the relationships of ephemeral shape. Numerous strands of yard stretched across the space define this singular interior into multiple rooms and various legible readings of spatiality and true inverse of the invisible phenomena in search of mass. Four rooms within the abandoned structure were constructed rooms of yarn to the existing fence and organized by recycled bicycle rims Framed by the Conoids.

_ Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirkel und Richtscheyt, Albrecht Dürer, 1525
_ Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, 1968
_ Things That Happen Again- For a Here and a There, Roni Horn, 1986-1991