Compound Figurations

Houston, Texas

Site:                 American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter
Client:             Made/Unmade Competition
Program:        Fabrication
Size:                Varies
Status:            Awarded and Exhibition Completed 2021
Team:              Jason Logan and Shawn M. Lutz

Compound Figurations are the result of a series of experiments that demonstrate a shift from an additive/subtractive conception of form and space, to an alternative condition that we might call intersective. Developed through a series of rule sets that exploit the Boolean operation AND (intersection), the work revisits a solid modeling technique as an alternative to the totalizing conditions of “smoothness” found in recent generative modeling practices. Compound Figurations expose rather than resolve the ambiguity of conflicting forms as an entirely new condition that emerges from an intersection.
- Jason Logan

_ David Bowie Aladdin Sane Tour, Kansai Yamamoto 1973
_ Autumn/Winter Collection, Alexander McQueen, 2009
_ Shell Crystal, Jean Arp, 1946
_ Turninga torus inside out, Allan Beecheland John Lewis, from Scientific American, May 1966
_ Haus Rucker Co, 1972