Centre Pavilion


Site:                 Houston
Program:        Main Pavilion
Size:                100 Square Meters
Status:            EXPO 2020 Bid Proposal
Team:              Shawn M. Lutz
Renderings:   Manuel Rearte and Shawn M. Lutz

With an eye on the international stage of Expo 2020, a selection committee in Houston looked to focus their bid on creating a city brand and aimed to redefine the cultural identity apart from its prominent place in the oil and gas business sector. In response to the committee’s search for a flexible and catalytic design approach, this project cultivated principles of adaption of scale and retrofitting for multiple site possibilities. The result is a two-story building dedicated to community gatherings – a “Performance Shed.”

_ Kimbell Art Museum, Louis Kahn, 1972
_ TV Helm, Portable Living Room, Walter Pichler, 1967
_ Studio, Frank Stella, 1967